Swiss-based Metacourt AG to develop “DAO Launchpad” for the Global Sports Industry on Hedera Network

8 min readJul 19, 2022


What is a DAO

The Web 3.0 future brings value creation to communities of developers, members, and users. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) makes this future an actionable reality.

The first DAO was created in 2016 on Ethereum blockchain, opening the new era of collaboration and decentralization via organization unaffiliated with any particular nation-state or jurisdiction. DAO enjoys growing adoption across all the major blockchains ever since.

The key idea to make an organization in the form of a DAO is to eliminate the human error or manipulation of investor funds by placing decision-making power into the hands of an automated system and a decentralized crowdsourced process, rather than an individual or small group of individuals.

DAO participants have a much stronger say in the organization’s direction than in traditional centralized and hierarchical organizations. Although voting power can be weighted in DAOs, power is significantly reduced compared to more traditional businesses in which leadership determines the company’s direction.

DAO allows for a project or a business to be run by a community — the group of supporters in the truest sense, without any one individual having the final say. Participating in a DAO gives members a sense of ownership, empowering freedom of will, innovation and bringing them financial rewards in the fairest manner.

DAO Fund by Metacourt

With expertise and heritage in sports blockchain solutions and Game-Fi, the Swiss-based company Metacourt AG (“Metacourt”) is a team of enthusiasts that believe in decentralization to harness borderless opportunities driven and enabled by the community, for the community, so going the DAO path was an obvious choice.

An ecosystem of funds organized in a form of DAOs can change the way sports and related businesses operate, by enabling anyone to become an early stage investor, as a part of diverse communities bringing ideas, connections, capital, and crowd wisdom together, to open the world of unlimited opportunities.

DAO Fund powered by Metacourt:

  1. Equip individuals with the right tools to become early-stage investors similar to venture capital firms. You no longer need to be a bag holder anymore. You create and shape the opportunities with community support.
  2. Front-run venture capital. They don’t need to be first. Communities can take over their role and drive your future with great investment opportunities.
  3. Scale-up & reduce risks. Rely on the community wisdom where every voice sounds and counts. Join the most vibrant group of Web 3.0 experts driving the industry forward to access first hand deals and get a bigger share of the pie.
  4. Make you the decision maker. DAO smart contract provides an automated way to carry out governance decisions voted on by DAO members using a governance token. DAO’s decisions are entirely transparent through the blockchain.

Metacourt will be the founding DAO partner and create a launchpad to attract the other powerful partners into the DAO ecosystem to enable synergies, discover and nurture new high-quality projects in our area of expertise, scout, and bring rising sport stars into the global spotlight, and accelerate related real-world businesses with high potential and high expected ROI.

DAO Use Cases

Alike any flexible system, DAOs can vary in structures and choices on a sliding scale of simplicity versus complexity, depending on the use case. The Metacourt DAO Launchpad platform will be modular and built with future-flexibility in mind, to allow launching of a setup that suites each particular project, from a Full-Scale DAO with its own tokenomics, to Mini-DAO orchestrated by simple-to-use NFTs, with or without token trading. Even the regular NFTs can hold utility itself for the DAO members (e.g. privileged access, etc.), while advanced NFT 2.0 can even hold extra utility (e.g. rewards wrapped inside the w-NFT and unlocked via various triggers).

Fundraise Athletes

● Help young athletes become PROs.

● Become a fractionalized digital agent.

● Facilitate sponsorship deals & brand contracts.

Fundraise Projects

● Join private IDOs & token releases.

● Get equity in the companies at seed rounds.

● Invest in NFTs with whitelisting benefits.

Laser-focus your DAO

● Use modular tools to create Mini-DAO / Sub-DAO.

● Customize each one for your unique objective.

● Provide benefits to the mother DAO members. Grow.

DAO Connection to Traditional Business

In case DAO aims to operate in the real word business, such as sports, it needs a real world legal entity to sign legally binding agreements, manage financial obligations and fiat transactions. For massive projects organized as a Full-Scale DAO a legal entity (e.g. foundation) can be created with a corporate charter that carries out the results of votes and ensures operations can bridge on-chain activity with off-chain, real business world requirements.

For Mini-DAO the legal entity costs and complexity doesn’t make sense, and in case it needs to have a legal representative there should be an established agent that is ready to carry this operational function on.

Metacourt AG is a legal entity registered and operating under the jurisdiction of Switzerland, one of the most advanced, innovative, and crypto-friendly nations in the world that also provides legal certainty for Digital Assets under the regulatory framework of the “Swiss DLT Act”. The company is fully operational since 2019 and has a track record of signing multiple partnership agreements in sports and the blockchain space.

With the recent successful execution of one of its flagship projects in the Metaverse/NFT space, namely Ballies, which launched the first NFT 2.0 play-to-earn basketball game in the Metacourt environment that sold out in minutes, Metacourt AG can play a connecting role between the DAO launchpad and other legal entities, whenever legal and contractual agreements are required.

Why Hedera Hashgraph?

The Hedera network is the most widely used, sustainable, and enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy. Hedera truly walks the decentralization talk. It’s owned and governed by the world’s leading and highly diversified organizations, which include Boeing, Chainlink Labs, Deutsche Telekom, DLA Piper, Électricité de France, Google, IBM, Indian Institute of Technology, LG Electronics, Tata Communications, Ubisoft, University College London, Wipro, Zain, and the creator of the Hashgraph protocol, Swirlds Labs, just to name a few of the current 26 governing council members.

Hedera not only addresses decentralization concerns by separating governance from consensus, but Hedera’s governance design assures no single company, small group of developers, or node operators has undue influence or control over the network. Each Council Member is committed to network innovation, stability, and its continued decentralization.

Unlike most other platforms, Hedera isn’t built on conventional blockchains but rather an entirely novel type of DLT platform known as the “Hashgraph”, with blazing-fast transaction speeds and incredibly low bandwidth consumption. The Hedera proof-of-stake public network, powered by the Hashgraph consensus, achieves the highest levels of security with asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance (ABFT). By combining its highest throughput (10’000+ TPS), lowest transaction fees ($0.0001), highest scalability and robust security standards (ABFT), with the most energy-efficient consumption (0.00017 kWh), and finality in just a few seconds (3–5 seconds), Hedera is certainly leading the way for the future of public ledgers around the globe.

Hedera Integrated Services

The Hedera Token Service (HTS) enables the configuration, management, and transfer of native fungible and non-fungible tokens on the public Hedera network, including necessary compliance configurations. There’s even on-chain programmability, with API calls for atomic swaps and royalties. For more complex programming, it’s integrated into the Hedera Smart Contract (HSC) service, enabling Metacourt to build decentralized applications and protocols that can scale with Solidity smart contracts.

Simplicity and reliability of HTS will be instrumental to enable smooth DAO token creation via the Metacourt DAO Launchpad. And for the use cases that require advanced programmability, HTS can be operated via Smart Contracts through the Metacourt DAO Toolkit.

Furthermore, the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) acts as a trust layer for any application or permissioned network and allows for the creation of an immutable and verifiable log of messages, with application messages submitted to Hedera network for consensus, with a trusted timestamp, and fairly ordered. To accommodate the spectrum of specialized DAO objectives, the Metacourt DAO Launchpad can also work as a Layer 2 solution, thanks to HCS that combines the trust of Hedera’s public network, with the privacy of permissioned blockchain frameworks. In addition, and with such an advanced arsenal of Hedera tools and solutions, the Hedera ecosystem smart contracts run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and use Solidity that is well-known to most blockchain developers, thus attracting more developers and more projects to launch their DAOs on the Metacourt DAO Launchpad, powered by the Hedera network.

The Hashgraph Association (THA)

Hedera Hashgraph recently established The Hashgraph Association (THA) in Switzerland with the mission to build a vibrant and innovative ecosystem for startups, enterprises, and government institutions around the world, leveraging the capabilities of the Hedera network. The Hashgraph Association entered into a strategic partnership with Swiss Digital Assets Institute (SDAI) — a professional training and education company — for the delivery of a custom-design global training and innovation program (the “Hashgraph Innovation Program”) out of Switzerland to empower and enable startups, enterprises, and governments to develop enterprise-grade solutions and decentralized applications (dApps) on the Hedera network.

In this context, Metacourt AG was recently pre-qualified to receive a grant from THA to develop the “Metacourt DAO Launchpad” for the global Sports Industry — powered by Hedera. This is a great opportunity for our SportsTech company to participate and contribute to the broad adoption and vibrant community development and to provide tools and solutions to attract and enable new teams of innovators into the Web 3.0 space, and growing the Hedera ecosystem around the world.

Metacourt DAO For Sports

Metacourt is on a mission to empower the global sports community and fans by providing access to decentralized asset management tools via a self-governing and self-growing blockchain-based solution accessible through an easy-to-use platform. We understand the sports industry very well and envision new decentralized ways of making the sports business more efficient, transparent, and equitable. While not feasible to change a huge multi-billion dollar business alone, empowered communities can bring a new wave of projects that will co-create significant value and make the Sports business more attractive for athletes, clubs, and fans.

Metacourt will develop a modular platform on Hedera network consisting of a “Metacourt DAO Toolkit”, with easy-to-use tools, Sub-DAO and Mini-DAO funds.

● Modular DAO launchpad

● NFT & token creator

● Wrapped NFT 2.0

● Crypto & CC payments

● Blockchain security

● NFT-as-a-service

● Treasury management

● Voting platform

● Dashboard

Metacourt will also continue to develop its branded Blockchain of People® affiliate program to enable and grow a vibrant community of people scouting and promoting innovative and promising projects, athletes, games, NFT drops, taking collective decisions with applying crowd wisdom to reduce risks and promote better outcomes. The Blockchain of People® affiliate program, which is adapted to DAO needs, will allow sharing of the remuneration in line with contribution, such as cross-promoting DAO and other partner projects.

The Metacourt DAO Launchpad will be adaptable to the requirements of each DAO launch, starting with simple membership and voting mechanism to more complex layered solutions, to balance complexity and barriers for members entry and engagement, while maximizing the community engagement to unlock the superpower of DAO structures — the passionate interest of all the community participants in the project’s success.