Roadmap — NFT, sports contracts & tokenization — plan

Into is a technological company from Switzerland, headquartered in Zurich, that uses blockchain and biometrics to create solutions helping sports operate in the most efficient manner.

We have a vast portfolio of sports applications and we are creating a complete digital ecosystem for sports that is fully decentralized and cuts through unnecessary middlemen.

Our future desire is to become the one-stop-shop sports tech reference for all things digital with complete and secure blockchain transactions, digital players registration, NFT monetization and powerful tokenization of sports assets.

The big picture

Tokenization — it’s a robust platform for sports business in search of liquidity for their sports assets — READY

Smart Transfers — it’s a scouting platform with the blockchain smart digital contracts — READY

Agency — the digitized agency serves the purpose to cut unnecessary market middlemen — PLANS

Academy — building the knowledge within sports community — PLANS

NFT collectibles is an outlet for athletes that seek to connect with their fans — IN PROGRESS

What lies ahead?


Q2 2021 — MVP will be delivered end of May and will serve as the outlet for young and up-and-coming athletes, carefully selected by Athlete Power Index will tokenize the athlete and allow collectors to monetize on their NFT purchases with possible huge upside potential. The first drop will allow buying NFTs and will be placed on L1 Ethereum.

Q3 2021 — Marketplace will be delivered end of July and will be a complete sports platform for NFT trading and Blockchain of People authenticator. It will use L2 Polygon for transactions.

Q3 2021 — — scouting expansion to South America where we recently signed the agreement with our Brazilian partner. Further expansion in Africa.

Q4 2021 — Agency & Academy start



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