| The Emerging NFT Marketplace for the Sports Industry

5 min readJun 16, 2021

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are not a fad but the foundation of something truly revolutionary. The NBA is utilizing the technology trend to market highlight clips of NBA stars. Artists are embracing them to market their digital artwork. Musicians are retaining their royalties using them. Even Twitter’s CEO has sold his tweets as NFTs.

Indeed, NFTs applications go beyond the hype and create significant investment opportunities across industries. In the sports industry, too, they are ready to cause a paradigm shift.

NFTs for Sports

For athletes, NFTs provide a range of unique opportunities to monetize themselves and their contracts, NIL rights, sports assets, and more. Additionally, they provide fans a means to get a piece of their favorite athletes by investing in their NFTs.

Platforms like NBA Top Shots and Sorare enable creators and collectors/investors to indulge in buying and selling NFTs. However, these platforms only focus on one or two specific offerings of NFTs, for instance, trading cards or digital collectibles. There is a scarcity of an NFT marketplace that focuses on various use cases of NFTs in the sports industry. aims to address the challenges with its range of offerings for all stakeholders.

Also, Read | How Blockchain Helps Young Athletes with NFT Marketing and Image Rights Marketplace for Sports is Different from Others is a promising project by It envisions to be the platform that serves various NFT related needs of the sports industry globally. What helps the marketplace stand out is its inventive approach to connect athletes and brands with fans.

The platform and its NFT smart contracts are going to be based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It will ensure fast and cost-effective transactions with low latency. Additionally, to ensure the peace of mind of creators and investors, the platform utilizes a trademarked transaction authenticator called Blockchain of PeopleTM. The authentication mechanism ensures the security, authenticity, and transparency of each transaction and identity occurring in the network.

Let’s closely examine what has got to offer the sports industry.

  • For Athletes emerges as a credible platform dedicated to sports only. It enables amateur to professional athletes to enter the NFT market efficiently. Professional athletes can create NFTs of their collectibles, contracts, or assets and sell/auction them to generate passive income instantly. Additionally, with smart contracts, they can earn % royalty on each resold rare NFT collectible.

For amateur, up-and-coming athletes, the platform provides the opportunity to monetize their NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) rights with NFT smart contracts while being regulatory compliant.

  • For Brands

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may not seem like the purview of advertising. But sports brands and their marketers should take notice of this space. They can utilize the platform to augment their market interaction with digital native audiences by aligning with the trend. They can offer NFTs in virtual or real worlds to increase customer engagement and solidify the brand image.

  • For Collectors/Investors enters the market with a different approach and offering. Instead of enabling famous athletes to create and sell their NFTs, it welcomes NFTs of young, up-and-coming athletes. It directly benefits collectors/investors investing in NFTs and collectibles of emerging potential star athletes of the future. They can rest assured that they bought NFTs whose value might provide significant upside potential if the associated athletes make it big in the future. There is a possibility of that happening. Essentially, it will affect the demand-supply aspect of those NFTs and prove a worthwhile investment for early investors.

What’s More Offered

Fractionalized NFTs

The marketplace will also facilitate fractionalized NFTs of athletes. That way, users do not need to invest in an NFT. Instead, they can get a fraction of an NFT coded as a smart contract. Consequently, it will extend the accessibility and investments.

Real NFT Collectibles

The marketplace is not limited to offering digital sports trading cards, memorabilia, or other assets. It will also provide real-world assets of athletes like cars, real estate, and more as collectibles connected to NFTs.

Real NFT Collectibles

The marketplace is not limited to offering digital sports trading cards, memorabilia, or other assets. It will also provide real-world assets of athletes like cars, real estate, and more as collectibles connected to NFTs.

Athletes who have already Joined the Marketplace

Athletes from a variety of sports like swimming, football, billiards, and karate are joining the marketplace to release their NFTs.

Domen Prevc

A 22-year old wunderkind ski jumper from Slovenia is the first addition to the NFT marketplace. He has two elder brothers, Cene Prevc and Peter Prevc, and both are world cup ski jumpers. The latter has won one silver and one bronze medal in the 2014 Olympics.

Lana Pudar

She is a 15-year old emerging superstar swimmer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She swam a 57.37 in the women’s 100m butterfly at the Serbian Open to become the first Bosnian swimmer to get an Olympic A cut. Her next aim is to win medals in the Olympics in Tokyo. Considering her current result, investors must keep an eye on her.

David Iyombe

David Iyombe is just a 17-year-old promising winger from Congo. He has been linked with a few clubs in Europe already. Once he is 18, he will move to Europe.

Tjaša Ristić

She is a Slovenian Karate champion who has won the silver medal in the women’s Kumite 61 kg event at the European Games 2019. The potential candidate for an Olympic medal will be competing for an Olympic qualifier in Paris soon.

Alexandra Guleikova

She is only a 17-year old billiard champion from Russia. She has already won adult Silver in Eurotour in 8-ball among adults at the age of 16. Under her belt, she has got several U18 European and National titles. A few of them include Gold in the Dynamic Billiard European Youth Championship 2019 in 8-ball and the recent absolute Russian championship in three disciplines: 10-ball, 9-ball, and 14.1. She is indeed a rising billiard star with immense future potential.

It is the surface we have scratched. Now and then, more and more such athletes are joining the marketplace and planning to release their NFTs.

Why Should You Invest Here?

One of the primary reasons to invest in NFTs of these promising athletes is their future popularity. As they become successful in the next few years, their popularity will increase, and so will their NFTs’ demands. Early investors who invest early in them can experience a surprising increase in the worth of their NFTs later.

A light paper detailing all essential information about the plans, workings, and strategies of will be released soon. Stay tuned for more information and updates.