What is is a virtual marketplace connecting brands, fans and athletes through the NFTs. The general idea is to provide access to exclusive investment opportunities that are much more than simple NFT collectibles. We are working on the NFT 2.0 already when everybody is just selling the collectible cards. Stay tuned for a new step that will give a new development vector to the whole market!

What does offer now?

In the current MVP stage, you can purchase the first collections of the Rising Star and Legend athletes and use your NFTs in the game of skills. You enter the game of skills with eligible NFT and answer the question related to the athlete. The best scorers win significant amounts of BLS tokens as prizes. Please know that you won’t lose your NFT answering the question and continue to own it.

Also you can do the following on the website, explained in dedicated articles:

Stake your BLS tokens to earn high APR %

Stake your BLS-BNB liquidity pool tokens to earn high even higher APR %

Promote NFTdeals and earn NFT sales comission in BNB

How can I purchase NFTs?

You go to and scroll to the appropriate section with our athletes. You can enter the athlete collection on the carousel or as a separate athlete subpage. Then you choose the method of payment — you can pay with crypto or credit card.

You can see a step-by-step ideo on browsing the collections and purchasing the NFTs.

What is the difference between paying crypto and credit card?

When paying with crypto, you have to connect your Metamask wallet. In this case, the transaction is instantaneous and your NFT token is delivered straight to your wallet. When paying with a credit card, there are 2 steps in the process. Step number 1 is secure payment through Stripe — apart from credit card details you also leave us your mail. The mail is important for step number 2 which is getting the NFT token on your wallet.

What happens after I pay with a credit card?

We need your crypto wallet in order to send you the NFT token. By default, we assume that if you pay with a credit card, you don’t have your wallet or you are not familiar with how to make one. So, our support team sends you the mail with clear instructions on how to get and install Metamask and configure it for the Binance Smart Chain network. After it’s done, we send you the NFT token.

Can I participate in the game of skills without a crypto wallet?

Yes, you can! Even if you pay with your credit card, we register this transaction and match your mail address with the entry. You can use your mail to register to the game of skills and normally participate without even having the token on your wallet account.

Scroll the website to the appropriate section:

Sign in with the email address from the credit card purchase, so you will get the verification code on your mail which you will use to enter the game of skills.

Get verification code on your mail:

Enter the competition, vote and win.

Visit to discover exclusive investment opportunities and the first NFT collections!



Web 3.0 metaverse, DAO clubs, influencer NFT launchpad & assets tokenization.

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