How to Stake Your LP Tokens | A Step-by-Step Explainer

3 min readAug 22, 2021


Staking LP token is now available for all users. In return, it gives users the opportunity to earn generous rewards. Now, you can join the staking program on, an ambitious project by Join early for extra benefits!

Early bird staking has a huge advantage because rewards are distributed dynamically between the users, so early liquidity providers may earn high triple digit APR %. After the users will start filling up staking, the annual returns should settle within 120–200% APR. Don’t wait to earn much more!

Here is a detailed explainer of the process:


Provide liquidity on PancakeSwap. The direct access to BLS token trading is HERE. Go to Pancakeswap, open the liquidity tab and add liquidity.

You will receive LP-Cake units in your wallet. In order to see them, add them like you add normal tokens. Here is the BLS-BNB CAKE-V2 liquidity pair contract: 0x88DA6Bc38D5BFEF6e332F87E06a310a9e5f768E2


To begin with staking, you need to access the staking pool link

Now, connect your wallet to the page and ensure enough LP Tokens (minimum 1 LP unit) are in your crypto wallet (currently only Metamask).

Step- 3

Select the right staking pool BLS/BNB LP.

Step- 4

Select the amount of LP tokens you want to put on stake and press the confirm button.


Upon completion of step 4, it will redirect you to the transaction page of the wallet. It will ask you to confirm the transaction.


Now, it will redirect you to the staking page and you will be able to check your new balance and see how your $BLS grows! Enjoy the rewards!

If you would like to get more BLS tokens, swap at PancakeSwap.




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