How to Stake Your BLS Tokens | A Step-by-Step Explainer

Staking crypto tokens ensures the sustainability of the network. In return, it gives users the opportunity to earn rewards. Now, you can join the staking program for, an ambitious project by

Users simply need to stake their BLS tokens in order to earn significant rewards and access to the project’s affiliate program. Let’s find out how to join and stake your BLS tokens in this step-by-step guide.


To begin with staking, you need to access the staking pool link

Now, connect your wallet to the page and ensure enough BLS (minimum 1 BLS) in your crypto wallet. Also, in the following screenshot, 12 BLS are already staked, so we will add more to it.

Step- 2

Now, click on stake + button to stake BLS tokens.

Select the amount of BLS tokens you want to put on stake and press the confirm button.


Upon completion of step 2, it will redirect you to the transaction page of the wallet. Here, you can see the transaction gas fee you need to pay for staking. Check the gas fee and click on confirm button.


Now, it will redirect you to the staking page and ask for another confirmation of transaction gas fee payment. Press on the confirmation button.

It will prompt a tab on the browser tab, click OK on the tab.

That’s it. It was that simple. Now, you have successfully staked BLS tokens and can check rewards appreciation on the staking card itself.

If you would like to get more BLS tokens, swap at PancakeSwap and JulSwap.


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