How can you win the NFT Porsche as a giveaway? Rules.

We are happy to announce that we have a magnificent collectible Porsche linked to an NFT as a giveaway. It’s a legendary sports vehicle Porsche 911, from 1978 and connected by vehicle identification number to NFT.

It belongs to Slovenian ski jumper Domen Prevc. Pretty cool right?

The car is not digital. It’s a real car and you can have it. We will ship it for you!

Interested who is giving away his Porsche? Follow up his story: CLICK HERE.

If you want to participate, see the rules below.

Collectible Porsche 911 (model year 1978) NFT prize draw rules



Purpose: this collectible Porsche 911 (model year 1978) NFT prize draw aims to attract attention to the new blockchain powered NFT collectible technology in general and launch of NFT collection by Domen Prevc at portal (“Platform”) based on AG technologies and intellectual property and operated by Eucalyptus International Inc..

Prize Provider: Domen Prevc, Slovenian national (“Prize Provider”).

Operator: Eucalyptus International Inc, with registered address at Suite 9, Ansuya Estate, Revolution Avenue, Victoria, Seychelles (the “Operator”), emitter of BCS1 utility token.

Prize Details: the passenger car Porsche 911 of model year 1978 and connected by vehicle identification number to NFT via VIN (the “Prize”) with the following specifications:

· Chassis: Porsche 911 of model year 1978.

· Engine: air cooling, boxer 3.0 liter, gasoline.

· Transmission: manual gear box, rear wheels drive.

· Condition: used, restored and tuned by a professional workshop.

· The Prize is strictly limited to those elements described herein. Winner is not guaranteed or entitled to have the ability to request or demand any Prize elements that are not specifically stated herein. Any Prize elements not specifically described herein may be determined by the Prize Provider, in its sole and absolute discretion.

· Anticipated Prize fulfillment date and location: to be agreed decided by Prize Provider in his sole and absolute discretion with intention to fulfill the Prize at a location in the Winner’s registered country of residence and close to the Winner’s registered residence.

· Winner or Winner’s legal representative must have a valid driver’s license and proof of applicable insurance (if required in the country of residence) to receive the Prize at the fulfillment location.

· Prize shipping fee to the location in the Winner’s registered country of residence decided by Prize Provider will be covered by Prize Provider.

· Any applicable import and customs duties, registration costs, or any taxes or duties arising from the Prize reception of any nature due in the destination country will be the sole responsibility of the Winner.

· Prize is awarded as is, without any representations or warranties, and cannot, substituted or redeemed for cash by Winner. There is no cash alternative for the Prize. Approximate retail value of the prize indicated for reference purpose only is EUR 100,000 to help participants estimate related customs duties and taxes required to receive the Prize at their location. Vehicle price estimation methodologies for taxation purpose and market valuation may vary in different countries.

· If Winner does not wish to take delivery of the Prize, or Prize Provider determines that it cannot deliver the Prize to Winner in realistically foreseen time, for any reason, including without limitation due to legal restrictions, a force majeure event, failure of logistical providers, or any other reason, the Winner may keep the Prize at Prize Provider’s location until Winner will be able to sell the Prize in a form of NFT with Prize linked to it, or as a regular physical vehicle sale, at Winner’s sole and absolute discretion. In this case Prize Provider guarantees Prize safe storage at his location, except for force majeure events or government enforced legal actions.

Term of the prize draw: 25 July to 25 October 2021. The term is applicable in case the NFT sales during this period of time will reach or exceed the prize value and can be adjusted depending on the market conditions.

Ways to enter the Prize draw: NO PURCHASE OR MONETARY COMMITMENT REQUIRED TO ENTER THE PRIZE DRAW. There are several ways to get chances of winning that are all equal:

1) The first 400 owners of BLS BEP20 token at a minimum valuation of $1000 at a time of allocation to the participant’s wallet get 1 chance (this number includes the BS1 ERC20 token owners at a minimum valuation of 0.2 ETH at a time of allocation, who got BLS token received as airdrop).

· BLS tokens can be obtained free of any charge by fulfilling tasks in the affiliate program (rules announced separately).

· BLS tokens can be swapped for another tokens available on Binance Smart Chain via decentralized exchanges (list announced separately).

· It is not possible to purchase BLS tokens for fiat money or digital tokens directly from the Operator or Prize Provider.

2) The first 600 owners of NFT tokens listed on the Platform an owned by a participant’s wallet provides chances according to the table below. Combination of different NFTs accumulates the chances. At least 1 chance is required to enter the draw.

Entry Limit: the maximum number of chances allocated to any one person (represented by a crypto wallet) into this draw cannot be more than ten (10), regardless of the way of entry and total number of BLS and NFT tokens allocated to the participant’s wallet. In case the complete first NFT drop of the Platform will be purchased by less than 600 buyers, the draw will be among all the eligible participants.

Method of winning: Odds of winning depend on the total number of chances allocated to eligible entries at a time of the draw. A random drawing will be conducted at announced date during the prize draw term, after number of the eligible entries reach 1000. Winner will be drawn from among all valid entries received online by a public person (video blogger). All eligible entries will be randomly ranked with their crypto addresses mentioned in the draw table according to the number of chances allocated to each eligible entry. Reliable random numbers generator (Google or similar) will be used. Several Potential Winners will be selected in a ranked manner to ensure there will be eligible Winner.

Method of winner notification: Potential Winner’s crypto address will be announced during the live show as well as on official social media. The Potential Winner will have to confirm ownership of the winning crypto address sending a signed message via the MyCrypto service from the winning crypto address to the designated address with a message containing contact details (email and/or phone number). In case of no confirmation from Potential Winner’s crypto address within 72 hours, the next crypto address in the winners ranking will become the Potential Winner.

Winner: One (1) Prize winner (the “Winner”). Potential Winner becomes the Winner if he/she complies with the rules to enter the draw, confirms the crypto address ownership and provide contact details within 72 hours from the announcement, and holds eligible BLS and/or NFT tokens that triggered the winning chance at Winner’s wallet until the Prize receipt. Allocation records will be checked on the blockchain.

Eligibility and Restrictions: Participants must be at least 18 years old and legally reside in the country of residence to be eligible to enter or win. Any individuals affiliated with Operator or Platform or Prize Provider, such as shareholders, employees, officers, directors, contractors, subcontractors, including freelancers and their family members are not eligible to enter or win.

Restricted territories: Entry is subject to all applicable international, state, and local laws and regulations, and is void in the jurisdictions and territories where prohibited or restricted. Check your local regulation to make sure you are eligible to enter, win and receive the Prize.

Disqualifying events: Froud, hacking and data manipulation of any kind disqualify participant from entering or winning.

Trade marks: all third-party names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This prize draw is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated in any way with Porsche AG or their affiliates.

Governing law: this prize draw is governed in accordance with the laws of Seychelles, under exclusion of the (non-mandatory) conflict of laws provisions.




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