Contract audit bounty program progressive development is a virtual marketplace connecting brands, fans and athletes through the NFTs. The general idea is to provide access to exclusive investment opportunities that are much more than simple NFT collectibles. We are working on the NFT 2.0 already when everybody is just selling the collectible cards. Stay tuned for a new step that will give a new development vector to the whole market!

We are getting ready for the full scale NFT marketplace launch. While progressing in building our NFT 2.0 platform and marketplace we focus on community engagement and participation in building and validation of what we are doing. Many more ways to benefit will come for BLS token holders and our NFT 2.0 owners, and now we would like to audit the basic contract.

The bounty program

For the full deployment we are building few contracts:

  • NFT marketplace smart contract as layer-1
  • NFT wrapper as layer-2
  • NFT vaults — sharding & mixer

At the moment we have our NFT marketplace ready in TEST more.

If you are a developer and looking for extra money, we are pleased to announce an audit bounty of one of our NFT minting contracts — ERC1155 standard.

Total amount of bounty is 1000 USD and it will be redistributed among contributors. Bugs will be classified for their severity. Please visit the repo and file issues directly to repository. Whoever will file the fix proposals first will receive the bounty.



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