🔥 BLS tokens burning for every record of Tokyo Olympics

Olympic records are being broken at a record pace

There are already more than 100 records in Tokyo Olympics just after one week of the Games! The progress in some sports is amazing. The main reason is technological advancement in sports.

Many Olympic sports see huge performance improvements, on the pro, amateur and student sport levels. New world records tend to arrive in clusters, with the technical innovations and pioneering athletes make their mark.

For example, Swimmers have recently benefited from steady progress in the construction of their swimsuits, even after the full-body suits were banned in 2009. The majority of world records in Olympic canoeing and rowing have been set in the past decade due to significant materials and boat design improvements. The average age of records in the track cycling events for men and women is just three years. In archery, South Korean competitors have already set a series of new Olympic records in Tokyo, thanks to advances in bow and arrow construction. Records in long-distance running have been beaten with huge advancements in the past few years thanks to new footwear design with carbon plates and special energy foam materials that boosted racers’ running efficiency by several per cent. New shoes designed for sprint events also give a similar edge. Impressive technology progress in sports!

Sports, tech and Prometheus fire of human progress

Blocsport.one is a tech company that is transforming the sports business by building a transparent and reliable sport ecosystem uniting athletes, clubs, and fans, based on blockchain. Our mission is to advance the world of sports. We are pushing the progress to the new frontiers with our Web 3.0 solutions.

Blocsport.one already represents few Olympians that have their NFT collections up for grabs. We are proud to support the Rising Sports Stars and help them monetize their efforts and establish closer links between them and their fans globally via digital NFT collectibles already available for sale on NFTdeals.io. More advanced engagement, investment & gamification mechanics coming soon.

To celebrate Tech & Sports convergence and advancement of human achievements, we will burn BLS tokens for every world record achieved at Tokyo Olympics!

What is the BLS token and how it will be affected by the burning?

The total amount of BLS tokens issues is 950 Million. BLS is a utility & governance token that serves utility purposes of staking to generate passive income, affiliate Share & Earn program access to get a commission in BNB for the NFT sales, participating in promotions and burning to access exclusive NFT Limited Editions and special deals. More utility usage mechanics will come with gamification and DeFi solutions that we are working on.

It’s not worth burning BLS for nothing. Regular burning of BLS linked to humanity's great sports events and achievements is the right thing to do.

Burning elevates the value of each remaining token. With regular burning linked to great sports achievements, BLS holders may expect its value to increase.

BLS is currently trading at PancakeSwap and JulSwap.

The number of BLS tokens burned will be double-digit %, depending on the final number of the Olympic and World records. We will announce the final number at the Games closing. The burning will happen at the moment of Olympic closing and the sacred fire going down 🔥

Now let’s enjoy sports, support athletes and celebrate every record!



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