is launching on Binance Smart Chain. Here is what you need to know

Shaping the markets is a Swiss company and the smart sports blockchain solutions provider currently operating two business models:

  1. Institutional — we provide services for sports business such as:
  • Smart sport transfers
  • Scouting & data registration
  • Sport asset tokenization platform (security token launchpad)

2. Individual — we provide services for sport fans:

Two business divisions target different customers, offer different services and operate in different regulatory environments. The institutional sports business is a huge market with established processes and regulations. NFT is an emerging market bringing together individual athletes, artists and fans in the digital metaverse never seen before, while lawyers are debating copyright paradigm shift.

The blockchain world is flourishing with new solutions, technologies and platforms. Some blockchains are congested and overcrowded, some offer great opportunities for the emerging industry leaders.

With these trends in mind, decided to restructure our operations and offering to stay ahead of the market growth curve.

Based on thorough market research and careful considerations we’ve decided that the best way is to assign the incoming marketplace to a dedicated offshore structure and to move our NFT platform from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.

Adding a dedicated token

In April, released the BS1 ( token on Ethereum. ERC-20 utility token, with BS1 ticker, available only on DEX with limited liquidity, no ICO. The token utility is for sports platform governance, access to institutional systems, payments and affiliate programs.

In May, as all the market, we’ve experienced issues with Ethereum operations and proactively worked with Polygon (formerly Matic) on the layer 2 solutions, to provide fast transactions, flexible payment and low fees.

This is especially important for the coming NFT marketplace that will provide reliable mass scale solutions for the NFT market participants with its Blockchain of People (TM) mechanism.

We have found Binance the most suitable to serve needs for transactions speed and payments flexibility at very low fees, comparing to Ethereum. In order to better serve the community, we also decided to launch a new token, separate from institutionally oriented ERC-20 (BS1).

We will release the new token BCS1 on Binance Smart Chain. The BCS1 will be a separate token from BS1 and will be dedicated purely to the operations that has huge potential on Binance. The BCS1 token will serve utility purposes of staking to generate passive income, affiliate program to earn a commission, participating in promotions and burning to access exclusive NFT deals.


Token ticker BCS1
Total supply: (one trillion)

Token will be offered soon on a decentralized launchpad. We are now working on light paper and a smart contract.

Great news for current BS1 token holders

We appreciate your dedication at the beginning of the road and we want to make sure that you benefit the most.

BS1 token will not disappear, it has a bright future to power the institutional sports operations with its utility for the ecosystem.

The positive news for current BS1 holders:

  1. We will release an airdrop for a new token for you (ratio 1000:1, applicable to BS1 holders at the time of this announcement)
  2. You are still eligible for a Porsche bonus giveaway (if you got tokens >0.2 ETH at the time of purchase and hold it at the time of this announcement, detailed T&C coming soon)
  3. We will support BS1 with project development and liquidity in the future (date TBD but it will happen over the summer)

Moving the digital frontiers requires quick actions and bold decisions to shape the market and reap the rewards. We count on community support and growth with our expansion to Binance Smart Chain.

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