Crypto market situation

Dear community, sport lovers and crypto early adopters, we know your feelings during the last month and especially the last few days. The cryptocurrency market has experienced severe turbulence since May, and every other week we all hoped the market will turn green, but the next days turned red. However, all of us firmly believe in the bright future of the decentralized world and we know the benefits of blockchain technologies for many industries, including sports, were we focus.

Our project aims to transform the sports business by building a transparent and reliable sport ecosystem uniting athletes, clubs and fans, based on blockchain, to make sports more fair for all. This is an ambitious vision that takes years of hard work to deliver. Our team is working on it already since 2019 with great dedication, while the waves of the market go up and down.

We had designed the IDO with the objective to enable the community to participate in the revenue mechanics and to benefit from the project value growth. But as it happens in sports and business, great plan and hard work is not enough. You need that magic sparkle of luck. Unfortunately, our well planned IDO happened in the days when the market was very much red, and the whole crypto world pull heads into the shoulders and just observed what’s happening without any actions.

Many projects cancelled or delayed their IDO and are waiting for the better days to come. We in are a team of fighters that turn any game into a win, whatever effort it requires!

This market situation heavily affected the IDO dynamics

We see great interest to the project and very positive comments, but the public sale did not reach any meaningful values that are anywhere close to the project fundamental valuation, our achievements to date, and the strong roadmap ahead.

Moreover, due to the automated token burning mechanics built in the IDO launchpad, the underselling of public subscription so much would screw and distort all the project tokenomics dramatically and affect all the token holders. We can’t allow to harm the community that we value very much and want to be with us for the years to come.

Hence after thorough consideration and sleepless nights, we have decided to cancel the launch of the BCS1 token and issue instead a new token. This token switch allows to fix the tokenomics and to provide true value for the IDO participants.

Any crisis has an opportunity!

As always, there is something good in any situation. And we got a great news about a new token listing coming on the high tier exchanges. And the exchanges advise for a project as such, to have less tokens amount. Zillions of tokens are not fashionable anymore. We use this situation as a chance to reduce the quantity of the token to 950M and thus increase its value. Of course, all the ratios will be adjusted to provide fair quantity to the token buyers.

Fortunately we had great advise from our branding agency for the token name: BLS, which fits very well, and hopefully will BLESS the project for great achievements ahead!

New BLS token: clear steps

We reassure all the token buyers that you will not lose a penny. The token switch will benefit you. You don’t need to do anything special. Here are the next steps:

1. The public sale ends today 11:30 CET.

2. The BCS1 token will list automatically on JulSwap at 5:30 CET. PLEASE DON’T BUY OR SELL THE BCS1 TOKEN when it will be listed! We will remove the liquidity immediately to prevent any loss for the token holders!

2. We have generated a new contract for BLS token, 950M, only burning allowed and no minting.

3. We will recalculate the sold tokens amount and price to fit the new token amount. We will make a snapshot of token buyers at the end of IDO.

4. We will automatically distribute new token to all buyers and list in on JulSwap (no need to go there to claim BSC1), PancakeSwap, and them on the other high tier exchanges.

We apologize for the mess due to the unfavorable market conditions, but we prefer to fix the issues, instead of letting the issue grow. This solution is the best for all the token holders and ensures smooth token launch and further project development.

Meanwhile, we continued to work on the launch of the exclusive sports NFT marketplace, agreed for great collabs with other projects and signed more high potential athletes! Stay tuned for more good news to come!



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