2021 Achievements and 2022 Roadmap

3 min readJan 25, 2022


2021 Achievements

This was amazing year for the blockchain industry, with crypto mass adoption accelerating, institutional and mass investors coming into the market and driving incredible spikes of crypto prices, proliferation of NFT projects and clear consensus that blockchain & crypto currencies are here to stay.

This was amazing year for

  • IDO done successfully in the very challenging market conditions;
  • Staking & liquidity pool tokens staking live and earning BLS owners high APR%;
  • Rising Sports Stars NFT drop done successfully with exclusive athletes;
  • Binance NFT marketplace launch partner among 100 exclusive projects;
  • Blockchain of People® TM registered, affiliate program alpha launched;
  • Games of skills for NFT owners of athletes, live with every sport event;
  • Digital sports agency to promote young talents working in pilot mode;
  • First football player sold & transfers from Africa to Europe executed with smart contracts on blockchain;
  • Partnership with 4 blockchains signed: Moonbeam (grant), Algorand (grant), Polygon (agreement), IoTeX (agreement);
  • Technical Partnership to develop wrapped NFT 2.0 signed with Envelop protocol;
  • Sports gamification collaboration signed and in execution;
  • Loyalty airdrop promised at IDO time for the initial project supporters that continue to hold tokens till December — executed with x2 bonus;
  • BLS token listed on centralized exchanges — Azbit, XT and Coinsbit and more CEX listings planned for 2022;
  • Last but not least — gathered strong community that supports our vision!

Yes, you are right. We didn’t sleep much and worked very hard to prepare success of the year to come.

2022 Roadmap team will focus on development of the current & planned sports services offering, expansion of our NFT marketplace and gamification of sports.

The 2022 roadmap has exciting launches, strong community building initiatives & operations scale up. Our ecosystem and products development will add utility for BLS token and strengthen it from the 2021 price levels.

Strong partnerships with blockchains and protocols provides a foundation for 2022 boost. While the market is still struggling to find value and utility in the collectible NFT 1.0, we will launch NFT 2.0 and upgrade & build the whole ecosystem using the most advanced NFT wrapping technology that unlocks the true potential of NFTs for creators, IP right owners and crypto investors. We are also working on cross-chain solutions that will change the user experience of blockchain users and facilitate mass adoption that sports use cases will drive.

Implementation of our ecosystem development pipeline will keep ahead of the other sports blockchain projects all the year:

1. Core business NFT 2.0 Sports Accelerator:

Athlete Launchpad in development and will be launched soon. Genesis token, Power Index, social media & perks exclusive access tools are waiting for the new sports stars and their supporters & investors. If you are a promising athlete — apply here!

Tokenization for clubs & institutional pilots in progress to unite our sports solutions into a new efficient institutional platform that will change the ways sports business operates.

2. Expansion Launchpad & Charging station for creators:

While focusing on platform and offering for Sports, we will utilize our unique NFT 2.0 solutions and create “spaces” for artists, musicians etc to attract wider audiences and expand in neighboring industries to create synergies and grow scale.

If you are an artist you can apply here and get exclusive benefits to build and expand Blockchain of People®.

3. Sports Gamification Play to Earn NFT 2.0 meta-court

Our NFT 2.0 Play to Earn metaverse project is at the launch phase and you have a chance to join it early and grab the benefits for early supporters. Check out, fall in love with the fantastic characters, understand unique benefits for NFT owners, players and NFT lenders (yes, passive income on blockchain!) and estimate upside potential for Ballies to moon.

If you are thinking that the our achievements in 2021 and roadmap for 2022 is definitely stronger than the current (January’22) BLS token price, DYOR and select a platform where you prefer to trade BLS: PancakeSwap, Azbit,, Coinsbit. More to come!




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