Blocsport evolution into Metacourt AG founded in 2019 in Switzerland and headquartered in Zurich, was a technological company focused on blockchain and biometrics use cases to create solutions helping sports operate in the most efficient manner. This was laser focused value proposition that brought us many achievements to date.

While exploring the Web 3.0 opportunities we have created vast network of contacts, signed multiple partnerships, and expanded into adjacent domains such as GameFi. When the crypto market is going through turbulent times we are focused on #BUDLing.

It is the right time to expand our blockchain services from sports to wider range of high-potential markets to continue advancing the industry while diversifying portfolio of projects and riding the new waves. The next bull cycle will come soon and those who #BUIDL will be ready to harvest the rewards.

New bigger company name: Metacourt

Everyone is talking about metaverse for a good reason: the world of real and the world of digital is blending more and more, to provide human beings and businesses new unprecedented opportunities.

We are full on this trend and see it as a great opportunity to expand our scale and scope, while building on our strong sport heritage and expertise. We have decided to rebrand to the new bigger and bolder name for the evolving company. Welcome to the Metacourt!

Our vision is to converge physical and digital Sports & Gaming experiences in a seamless metaverse.

We are on a mission to empower the community by providing access to decentralized investment and talent development tools via ecosystem of self-governing and self-growing blockchain-based platforms.

Metacourt company business objectives:

  1. Develop decentralized platform providing multichain solutions via NFT 2.0, DeFi & GameFi tools.
  2. Empower the community via DAO to ensure transparency, objective business decisions, and fair remuneration of contribution.
  3. Drive growth with Blockchain of People® to remunerate the active project advocates and promoters, and to attract new users.
  4. Provide access to the DAO & NFT 2.0 launch platform as a service to high-quality projects, eventually evolving into a Layer-2 solution.
  5. Grow BLS utility token value as DAO fuel, enabler of governance, funding, earning and re-distributing of the business proceeds to the community.
  6. Apply advanced NFT 2.0 as ownership, access and contribution proof asset, with wrapped tokens and embedded smart triggers (time/value/event locks), tradeable at any time.
  7. Drive cross & multichain synergies and partnerships growing wider blockchain adoption in sports, gaming and related businesses.

Expanding potential market for the Accelerator

If you are following what we do for a while you know that we have been working on a Sports Accelerator. Technically we are almost ready to launch it, and collecting applications. But we have decided to expand the potential market by addressing wider audience for this new platform.

What makes sport stars valuable for the business? The same that what makes them influence people decisions — fan base. Why brands are paying millions to the top sport stars, musicians and lifestyle icons? Fan base. It’s not a coincidence that in business terms all those people we like and follow are called influencers. So we will target this wider market and expand from sports to all the influencers.

It’s possible to link tangible and valuable things to NFT, for example a social media shoutout, with protection for both parties of the deal, and with a secondary market that allow to buy “future” social media influence. This is a new form of investment that has growth potential in any market conditions, especially with diverse portfolio of influencers.

Introducing innovative DAO Fund

We are introducing a new powerful business arm. And this arm will be super powerful, as it will be decentralized to harness borderless opportunities driven and enabled by the community. People’s united power and trust is the most important in the market conditions where institutions are not trustworthy anymore.

Everyone can be an investor but not everyone can reap the benefits of early stage investors. It requires connections & capital. We are opening the world of opportunities for the community to become the true kings with the Metacourt.

DAO Fund powered by Metacourt will:

  1. Equip individuals with the right tools to become early-stage investors similar to venture capital firms. You no longer need to be a bag holder anymore. You create and shape the opportunities with community support.
  2. Frontrun venture capital. They don’t need to be first. Community can take over their role and drive your future with great investment opportunities.
  3. Scale up & reduce risks. Rely on the community wisdom where every voice sounds and counts. Join the most vibrant group of web 3.0 experts driving the industry forward to access first hand deals and get a bigger share of the pie.
  4. Make you the decisionmaker. DAO smart contract provides an automated way to carry out governance decisions voted on by DAO members using a governance token. DAO’s decisions are entirely transparent through the blockchain.

Our company will be the founding partner and will attract the other powerful partners into the DAO to enable synergies, but the community will own DAO, take key business decisions and harvest the profits. → Learn more about DAO.

We believe in giving back to the community and would like to incentivize current BLS holders and grow the value together. Current BLS holders will be automatically enrolled into the DAO with exclusive early membership benefits.

We are working on additional token utility cases to use BLS for transactions on the platform, engage with mini-DAO tokens and making transactions via BLS bought for fiat, as a way to make DAO accessible for wider fan base, adhering to our motto to promote blockchain and crypto adoption.

Stay tuned to the lightpaper and detailed announcements coming soon!



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Web 3.0 metaverse, DAO clubs, athlete NFT launchpad & assets tokenization.