Algo Helmets and Pera wallet — how to mint and claim your NFT :)

It looks like we solved the mystery with My Items that couldn’t load after the token mint. We were losing the connection to the Algorand node yesterday. It wasn’t related to any bug on our end but node stability.

We got some advice from Algorand Foundation on how to deal with the issue in the future. At the moment it looks like all is good but we can’t say with 100% certainty that it won’t happen again. If it happens normally things should resolve in 30 min on their own. You can always report the problem to us.

Now, a quick reminder of how to mint & reveal with Pera wallet. It’s super easy and cool.

The below screenshots are from Chrome mobile browser.

  1. MINT mystery box — Go to, connect your wallet and choose your favourite helmet. Click mint and submit your transaction.

Every time you have to confirm it from Pera wallet (security permission). You will get the message on the screen.

After that, you have to visit Pera and make a transaction. This is the moment you pay for the NFT. It costs 25 Algo.

2. CLAIM your final NFT — it’s done in two steps. What it does is it replaces your mystery box helmet with the final one. It has to generate a new token at random and burn your mystery box.

Go back to your browser, you will see the transaction will process and it will redirect you to My Items automatically.

  • Claim the token and opt-in in Pera
  • Go back to the browser and create a burn and mint transaction (again confirm in Pera)

You have your new token! Is it Gold or Silver by any chance? Then you won an additional physical prize that will be shipped to you during the season!

Burn and mint transaction also requires Pera confirmation below



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